Buying and selling a home can be one of life’s most stressful experiences.

Clients of Michael Shuster say otherwise. 

They experience a personal feeling of safety, excitement, fond memories, & genuine appreciation for the experience Michael provides.

Abundant TESTIMONIALS attest to the dedication, expertise, & commitment this award winning Realtor® & Canadian Bestselling Author provides to make your real estate experience SAFE, EXCITING, and of course PROFITABLE.

For 20+ years Michael has provided business owners, executives, sport celebrities and thousands of families, with strategic guidance to selling their home for top dollar, & finding the perfect property to buy (or invest in).

He has the distinction among the highest new client referral in the industry.

Most of Michael’s business over the years has come as direct referrals from past clients and colleagues.
You can retain his specialized skills & services as your own Realtor® by contacting him directly.

In less than 10 minutes you’ll see for yourself how Michael’s extensive knowledge, superior skills, & strategies make the difference in your own personal experience when buying or selling a home.

Michael’s attention to detail leaves you empowered, educated, and feeling safe & valued as a client!

New & Exciting:
Ontario’s First “Divorce Real Estate Specialist”

Looking back on his business over the past several years, Michael realized that approximately 70% of his incoming referrals have been people going through Divorce.  His vast experience working with divorce clients, combined with his own divorce experience, Michael knows first-hand that selling your “matrimonial home” through Divorce is NOT your typical real estate sale—and that you are facing unique challenges.

Any Realtor can put a sign on your lawn or treat you like another paycheque. But to Michael, you are a real person who is going through a stressful, heart-wrenching situation. That is why Michael has become Ontario’s first  “Divorce Real Estate Specialist.”

If you are selling or buying a house as a result of a separation, there are different skills, unique strategies, and specific knowledge, which don’t apply in a typical real estate transaction. Connect with Michael and discover the benifits of partnering with someone who appreciates your situation and is sensitive to your specific needs.

DID YOU KNOW … There are over 40,000 Realtors in the G.T.A., and NONE of them are formally trained to specialize in divorce real estate situations for clients?

FACT: In the U.S.A. the real estate industry offers specific training and recognizes an accreditation called “divorce real estate specialist”, yet there is no such accreditation here in Ontario – Michael is working to change that!

There are different skills, unique strategies, and specific knowledge, which don’t apply in a typical real estate transaction, yet are both applicable and critical to successfully serving clients in divorce situations?

In any DIVORCE real estate transaction, there is a minimum of

• 43 professionals involved in seven different stages of the real estate process,

• 250 emails, texts, and phone calls that take place throughout the process between the professionals and the clients,

• 100 pieces of paperwork that are completed, initialed, signed, and reviewed,

Many of the tasks and duties that as a divorce real estate specialist I do for my clients actually occur behind the scenes.

Most often the client is not aware of the many complexities involved in completing a successful real estate transaction and ensuring that the entire process is a smooth, safe, and profitable experience.

Michael’s Specialties:

  • Divorce Real Estate Specialist
  • Toronto Luxury Real Estate
  • Toronto Elite Real Estate (Celebrities & Professional Athletes requiring anonymity & discretion)
  • Unique, Difficult, & Sensitive Situations
  • Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE®)
  • Real Estate Buyer Mastery Specialist

Michael’s personal mission to maintain the highest standard in Toronto Real Estate guarantees you the full range of services that you deserve, along with the highest level of knowledge, skill & expertise, all uniquely tailored to your own custom needs.

Michael is a proven leader with a track record of excellence through years of helping clients make smart, safe, & profitable decisions.

You can’t help but benefit tremendously from the personal attention & extensive knowledge Michael offers you.

You can also see Michael Shuster as the features Toronto Real Estate expert on the “The Real Estate Minute” series.

Michael is also featured in the ““The Divorce Minute” series launching November 2016.

My Mission

Whether I work with Buyers, Sellers, Investors, or Tenants, Celebrities, Professional Athletes, and/or Toronto’s most elite Executives, I do everything possible to ensure your experience in real estate and working with me as your trusted Toronto Realtor is SAFEEXCITING, & PROFITABLE!

I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Michael Shuster. Michael truly has been a superstar agent for Myself and my ill father. I live abroad and thus not able to tend to all of the details of selling my father’s home.

My fathers health has been great and Michael has gone far above and beyond his duties to generate an offer for us of 100% of asking within just 2 days of listing. Michael also assisted with renovations in the condo, and even went to the hospital to see my Dad when signatures were required. Michael Shuster has done several things that definitely fall outside the duties and expectations from your average realtor (Michael is definitely not average). If you have a property to sell, I HIGHLY recommend Michael Shuster and his team enough.
Thanks Again!

Mike A. & Sal A.