The best way to know about our quality of
service, integrity, and  expertise, is to hear it from other clients who have experienced working with us.

This page features some of the comments our clients
have been kind enough to send us!

Divorce Client Testimonials

“Dear Michael, I can’t find the words to properly thank you and express my gratitude for the many ways you helped me through this nightmare. When the two prior Realtors couldn’t sell my house, and my ex-husband did everything to complicate the sale and make my life miserable, I honestly lost hope. I couldn’t think straight and everything became so complicated. Everything seemed to be going wrong. Not only did you get my house sold when 3 other Realtors before you couldn’t, but I still can’t believe how you stepped up to defend me and protect me from being taken advantage of by my unreasonable Ex. As if that wasn’t enough, I can’t believe you were able to buy me time with my bank who was threatening power-of-sale so that you could get the property sold. As a single Mom going through Chemo and with kids to support my life would not be the same today if it weren’t for you. I will NEVER forget everything you did for me, and I will always be telling everyone that you are the best Realtor, Negotiator, and all around most honourable super-amazing guy they could ever work with. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!”
G.R., Innisfil, ON

“Michael, your ability to maintain the peace and keep us both focused on selling the property instead of focusing on our personal differences and the divorce was nothing short of amazing. You never seemed impatient, and you had such a calm, logical, and compassionate way of talking to my ex and getting us through the sale with less stress and in less time than it could have been. I am very grateful. Thank You!”
D.T. Vaughan, ON

“Michael, if you ever choose to quit real estate you should be a lawyer. When we first interviewed Realtors we thought we just needed someone who could sell our house. We had no idea how the divorce process affects the sale. The way you communicated so professionally with my family Lawyer along the way and made sure all of the T’s were crossed and I’s dotted, and also made sure that nobody in this process took advantage of me or made me feel pressured was very impressive. I really appreciated your tireless efforts. Not only did you demonstrate excellent real estate skills, negotiating skills, but just as important to me was your unwavering integrity and genuine compassion every step of the way. You are da’ man! You need to clone yourself so you can help more people.”
J.W., Mississauga

“Michael, you are not just a Divorce Realtor, you are a Divorce Guru. When we first hired you as our realtor, I was still stressing over the whole divorce process. I didn’t know who to trust, who to call, who to hire, or which end was up. The fact that you didn’t see us as a mere commission but you genuinely cared and took the time to help me through the process was an answer to my prayers. You made my life so much easier when you said you would take care of the Stager, photography, and recommend someone who could help us de-clutter, get organized, and fix a few things before selling. The storage facility you suggested was great, and the movers also did a great job and were understanding to our situation. My Ex always handled paying all of the bills, planning, etc. so I was grateful when you recommended a debt consultant and divorce financial advisor to help me get back on my feet and develop my own plan. Heck, I didn’t even know who to call for my insurance until you stepped up to recommend someone for that too. No surprise that every single person you referred me to showed the same care, compassion, and professionalism that you do. Everyone going through divorce should call you. Not just for real estate but in a time of stress and confusion you have proven to be a one-stop-source with the professionals you surround yourself with to help people get their life back on track. I’ve already told two friends who will be splitting up soon to call you. Stay awesome Guru Mike!”
G.A., Newmarket

Client Testimonials

In the GTA, there are thousands of real estate agents to choose from. But if you are looking for someone who really, truly knows his stuff, is completely dedicated to his clients, has expert-level negotiating skills, and is a pleasure to deal with, look no further than Michael Shuster. He’s an excellent communicator, he takes the time to understand each individual client, and he goes the extra mile to make the experience of buying or selling a home as smooth as possible. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
KB, Toronto, ON

If anyone is looking for a realtor, I have one for you! Michael, you rock! Thank you for all of your hard work and for making our Christmas extra special this year! You stick true to your word and that is rare for most people let alone realtors! You’ve made our Christmas and going into the new year amazing! We look forward to having you over for more celebratory drinks in the new house! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year!
A&A, Whitby, ON

“Michael Shuster, we owe you a HUGE thank you for all you did for us. From selling our house and dealing with the other realtor who you caught trying to pull a fast one on the paperwork to change the numbers without us noticing, to negotiating the deal on our new house and getting us the critical closing day we desperately needed. I still can’t believe the last agent couldn’t sell my house after 2 months on the market, and you sold it in just ONE day! You have been amazing throughout the entire process from start to finish, and I am so grateful to have you on our side. We are eternally grateful for your knowledge, focus, compassion, integrity, and unparalleled negotiating skills.”
Barb S., Vaughan

“As a Professional Contractor and Custom Home Builder, I meet a lot of home owners and real estate investors who hire me to renovate their homes so that they can sell for top dollar and maximize their profit.
During my consultations with clients, they often ask me about what renovations will add short-term value so that they will get their ROI on the sale, and which renovations are ultimately a waste of money.
Michael, you have been very supportive as part of my team. Your long history and success as a Real Estate Investor has ensured our clients are well informed about all of their options. Your apparent desire to ensure total client satisfaction makes you an absolute pleasure to deal with.
I’ve met many good Realtors, but you have really proven to me that you are different than the rest, with your unique strategies and extensive knowledge about the various product on the market and the market trends!
Thanks for all of the great work Michael!”
Sandy R., Scarborough

“Dear Michael, I haven’t moved for 20 years, and back then my husband handled the details. Recently divorced, this entire process was very scary and overwhelming to me. I didn’t know who to trust, what to expect, or where to even begin finding a new home. You must be the most patient Realtors on the planet. Not only did you keep me calm, focused, and you remained compassionate with me the entire time, but you also helped me find my dream home. The ultimate surprise was when you negotiated the deal at my price. I love you for what you did, and I can’t wait for everyone I know to move, so I can insist they call you and forget about using any other Realtor. Thank You … Thank You … Thank You!”
Robyn P., Toronto

“Oh My Goodness! Our last agent had our home listed for 3 months and we never heard from him. It didn’t sell, and he never even called us with updates. You looked professional the minute we first met. Then when you sold our home in just 4 days for over asking price I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Definitely tears of joy. When someone else can’t sell a home after 3 months on the market, and you sell it after 4 days for over asking, you must know some secrets the other agents don’t. We were very impressed with the way you handled the negotiation of our offer. We are so thrilled we found you guys and you were working for us instead of the people who bought our house.”
Peter & Sophie, Richmond Hill

“I read your blog and watch all of your videos and interviews …great stuff.
You explain it in such a way that it is impossible anyone not to ‘get’ it!
I am obsessed with real estate (my first job was at the age of 16 as a secretary in a real estate office)…bought my first house at the age of 18 (was infested with roaches…was not aware!!!). Rented out homes for over 16 yrs and the list goes on.
Anyway … Much, much, much continued success to you!!! :-) ))”
Lucy B., Aurora

“When I bought our rental property I never imagined the tenants would become so inflexible in allowing us to access to the property or to sell the property. Although the tenants agreed when originally signing our lease to allow us to show the property to buyers (if and when we sell), and advertise the property for sale, I became very frustrated when they outright denied letting prospective buyers inside to see the property once you listed it for sale.
Your ability to negotiate an understanding with our tenants, thereby ultimately convincing them to cooperate in allowing buyers to see the property was most impressive. Your extended efforts to visit every single showing and ensure there was no conflict from the tenants, not only provided us with reassurance, but I’m convinced your efforts were integral in ultimately selling the property.
I believe that most Agents would not have invested the time to attend every showing, or for that matter even step in to deal with our tenants to smooth things over. They would have stopped working with us to sell the property, or hung in there just for the sale (commission). But you didn’t stop working after the waiver arrived and our deal was firm. Rather, due to your in-depth knowledge of the Residential Tenancy Act, and your proactive approach to business and ensuring we didn’t have a disappointing experience, your application to the Landlord & Housing Tribunal (on our behalf) for an eviction at the end of lease (as a safety precaution) was brilliant.
Although we agreed to allow the tenants to remain until the end of their lease (as is their right), we certainly feared they would not leave at the end date of the lease, which would then jeopardize the sale of the home, as we guaranteed vacant possession to the buyers.
Your attendance at the Landlord & Tenant tribunal hearing this week, and the way you presented our case to the adjudicator …. and ultimately got a verdict in our favour (in less than 5 min.) to evict the tenants by Sherriff’s order (if they don’t leave on the end date of the lease) was spectacular!
Thank You so much for all of your dedicated hard work, time, and expertise.”
Dwayne P., Ajax

I extend our deepest gratitude to you Michael. You’ve truly been a superstar Realtor for Myself and my ill father. I live abroad so I’m not able to tend to all of the details of selling my father’s home. My fathers health has been declining rapidly and you Michael have gone far above and beyond your duties. You not only generated an offer for us that exceeded our expectations within just 2 days of listing, but you also assisted us with the necessary renovations to get it sold. I was speechless when you went to the hospital to see my Dad when his signature was required. You have done several things that definitely fall outside the duties and expectations of an average realtor. Michael, everything you offer your clients definitely exceeds that of the average Realtor. Thanks Again!
Mike A. & Sal A.

“Michael Shuster was very professional and most insightful when advising me on selling my condo. He patiently went through a complete analysis of the area, my building, and gave his honest opinion while providing totally realistic expectations. He proved himself to be an expert negotiator and uses his unique negotiating skills to your advantage when selling (or buying) your home, while at the same time always protecting your interests. Michael also gave excellent staging advice & strategies I could implement myself to present my condo in the most appealing and enticing way to potential buyers. This included him hiring a professional photographer, stager, and creating a virtual tour on MLS, and provided stunning high-quality colored brochures to be given out to prospective buyers. Michael was extremely efficient in responding to my regular emails and phone calls. I will be using his services again to buy my new home.
Thanks again!”
Mark M., Toronto

“I would like to take this opportunity Michael, to thank you for the outstanding level of service you have consistently provided to each and every one of the clients I have referred to you over the year. As a Lawyer I work with a lot of Realtors, however I am cautious as to who I refer my own clients to, as my reputation is ultimately on the line with every referral. I have always been impressed with your knowledge of real estate, your vast range of unique skills that some Realtors simply don’t possess, your unwavering integrity, and your consistent level of excellent service. The fact that my clients continually thank me for referring them to you is testament to the superior experiences they’ve had working with you. The combination of professional skills and personal values you offer is rare in the industry and I urge you to keep up the great work. Looking forward to a continued business relationship together.”
J. H., Mississauga

“Michael – thank you for your friendship, support, and many lessons in the art and science of making deals happen. I wish you continued success this year.”
A.W., Toronto