Many people think that every Realtor with a real estate license can list and sell a home in Toronto or write an offer for you to purchase a new home.

But let me ask you a question? If one home is worth $500,000. and another home is worth $5 million can the same Realtor sell both properties?

Obviously there is a difference between these properties.
Real Estate is often misunderstood and a lot of people pigeonhole Realtor into categories.

For example, I have an associate who has only sold properties over 2.5 million dollars for the past several years.

And recently somebody he has known for a long time who is also a past client and very happy with his service chose to sell their house and they did not call him as their Realtor.

He didn’t want to put them on the spot but he did find a way to ask them nicely why they weren’t comfortable calling him this time to sell their house.

Their response to him was “we really wanted to work with you again. In fact you would’ve been better than the agent we did hire but our house was only worth one $1,500,000 and we thought you don’t take on clients within that price range.“

Or when I first got into real estate myself many years ago, I was a full-time real estate investor.
When I got my real estate license I typically worked with investors who were flipping properties.

And unfortunately when I did get my real estate license often I would find out that people I know personally hired another Realtor rather than myself because they thought I only worked with investors.

Which of course is not true.
Just because I have specialize knowledge in certain aspects of real estate doesn’t mean I can’t also do a great job and other real estate transactions.

Currently as Ontario‘s first Real Estate Divorce specialist I have specific knowledge and unique skills pertaining to The sale of a matrimonial home in divorce that most Realtors aren’t familiar with and haven’t gained experience in before.

But while I do have specialized knowledge and vast experience in selling a matrimonial home in divorce, and of course investment properties, or other aspects of real estate I also help first time home buyers, Empty Nesters, happy couples and families with pets in a white picket fence.

So just because your Realtor of choice specializes in certain aspects of real estate doesn’t mean they can’t also help you with your real estate sale or purchase.

But what about the value or price category of a home? In that case my answer differs a little bit.

When a Realtor first gets the real estate license and starts gaining experience in the industry they most likely start working with clients at entry-level real estate prices.

That’s where they have confidence. Those are the clients who have confidence in the Realtor.
And the things that they are taught when getting their real estate license enable them to succeed in that entry-level price category.

But can any Realtor sell a $4 million home or a $5 million home?

Besides the obviously different level of service that the seller expects there are definitely a lot more negotiating skills, marketing skills, and knowledge that a Realtor must have in order to succeed at selling higher end properties.

When I first began as a licensed Realtor many years ago and wanted to succeed in higher priced real estate I found a Realtor in my office who is extremely successful.

I offered to help him on his listings. I tagged along and watched and learned. I asked questions.
Then I started helping him with showings and helping him with his open houses.

Then eventually I was able to obtain my own listings and clients. And if a transaction was slightly out of my area of expertise or had specific requirements that I wasn’t qualified for I would bring in my mentor as my partner to help me.

Eventually after several successful transactions of my own and happy clients I acquired the knowledge and developed my own skills so that I was now the veteran in high-priced real estate and mentoring others.

But given the chain of events, obviously I not only had the knowledge and skill to sell high value real estate but I also had the experience and proven track record for all price categories leading up to that point.

So just because I have successfully sold properties worth several million dollars, of course I help my loyal clients and give great service to any referrals I receive regardless of the price range they are selling or buying a home within.

On the other hand that does not mean that every and any Realtor can sell your multi million dollar house.

There are different skills, knowledge, level of service, and processes for the higher rent properties.

You should never avoid calling a Realtor who you trust or who is recommended to you simply because you think your listing or your purchase isn’t a high enough value for them.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a Realtor who specializes in higher in transactions, or selling a matrimonial home in divorce, or other unique requirements it is extremely important to interview well and find the right fit for you.

If you are thinking of selling a home or buying a home in Toronto in the near or distant future and want to talk about market timing and timing the sale of your home or when would be the best time for you to start preparing your home or list it for sale, I’d be happy to talk about specific details and market statistics for you and your area.