You might think you have limited options when preparing a condo for sale because of its’ size. Specifically, fewer options to make it look like it’s worth more $$ to Buyers. 

Today I’m going to share a few minor adjustments that can really make it’s appearance increase its value.

1. Art, Art, & Art:

Art pieces can significantly contribute to the value of an apartment.

Consider a few eye-catching pieces and framing them in gorgeous frames.

These don’t have to be paintings from famous artists; instead, they can find local artists they like and support them.

Other great ideas are thrift stores and flea markets.

Some of the larger art pieces don’t even have to be framed and hung.

 One of the latest interior design trends is paintings that lean on the wall or shelves.

This is perfect for owners who don’t want to drill their walls but still want to include fabulous art.

When buyers see that the condo is decorated with art, they’ll instantly feel like they’re in a higher-end suite.

2. Strategic Window Treatments:

Many condo sellers forget how important windows and window treatments are.

Large windows, decorated with suitable curtains, drapes and hardware, can instantly hook buyers.

Curtains and drapes can elevate the luxury in the home, so carefully selecting the length and type can make rooms appear more spacious and enhance the entire appearance.

First, the length should be from ceiling to floor to visually increase the height.

Second, although thick fabrics are luxurious, it’s a good idea to combine them with sheer materials that allow enough natural sunlight to enter.

Condo sellers should also pay a lot of attention to choosing hardware that will fit with the rest of the décor.

Before purchasing curtain rods, measure the length of the window frame.

One of our secret pro tips is to always opt for long drapery rods, because they’ll make the windows appear larger, and give the clients more space to open their curtains whenever they need to.

3. Change Old Doors:

Old doors are not a good look for a condo.

Try to give create a new look with a fresh coat of paint, but it won’t always do the job.

If you want to increase the value of your condo and the condo is older in age then it’s a good idea to get new doors.

Many affordable options look luxurious and will really boost the price of the property.

New doors can be installed within days, which makes it an easy, fast fix.

If the rest of the décor is minimalist, the doors can be a little extra, and they’ll become a centrepiece in the condo.

4. Upgrading Kitchen Cabinets:

If a complete kitchen renovation is not in your budget, you can spice up the cabinets.

A gorgeous kitchen is an undeniable hook for potential buyers.

If you have a budget you can change the countertops and all the kitchen hardware.

When it comes to the cabinets, one way to spice them up is just to replace the doors.

Another way is a fresh coat of paint.

5. Creative Lighting:

Great lighting makes everything appear better, larger and more expensive.

Owners can use various lighting fixtures to accent the best parts of your condo and hide the points you don’t love as much.

Aside from gorgeous chandeliers, you should think about statement pendant lights in rooms such as the kitchen and the bedroom.

Table lamps and wall sconces are another way to make an apartment look deluxe.

Luckily, these fixtures come at many prices, so you can choose what fits best for your budget.

Mixing and layering lighting will create a cosy ambiance that any potential buyer will enjoy and find homey.

6. Fresh Paint:

The first impression matters, so enhancing the walls with a fresh coat of paint will definitely bring you bonus points.

And if you’ve experimented with vivid colours, you should remember that not everyone is a fan of eye-catching flashy colours.

Opting for neutrals will not only make the condo appear larger, but it will also make it look more high-end.

When buyers first visit a property, they try to imagine it as their own.

Soft, bright shades provide a clean appearance and a luxury feel.

Although wallpaper is not a good idea for condos for sale, if you really want it you should be careful with the placement.

One of the best rooms for wallpaper is the bedroom or a single wall in the living room.

If you have questions about staging or prepping your property for sale I’m always happy to chat and answer your questions.