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As Ontario’s first “Divorce Real Estate Specialist”, a Certified Negotiator and Multi Award Winning Realtor …
I’ve guided hundreds of clients (successfully & safely)
through the sale of their matrimonial home during their divorce.

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Why Is Selling a Home In Divorce Different Than a Typical Real Estate Sale?

From the seller’s perspective:

Two spouses are in an agreement with each other during an ordinary sale. When a couple sells their home during divorce they often aren’t in agreement with each other. As a matrimonial home they must agree on all of the terms, from listing the home to accepting an offer, or a sale will not occur!

From the real estate perspective:

  1. Selling your home in divorce combines two of life’s most stressful experiences; Moving & Divorce. There are different emotions for each Seller which a Realtor must be qualified to recognize and communicate effectively.
  2. Different laws that apply to selling a matrimonial home.
  3. Different ways of marketing the home are often necessary.
  4. Different protocols for the Realtor’s office staff.
  5. Different protocols for showings to potential Buyers.
  6. Different staging requirements.
  7. Specialized negotiating skills required.

Finally, when a couple goes through divorce every professional they hire works exclusively for that individual spouse … except the Realtor. Both spouses are the Realtor’s client. Both spouses must be treated equally. The Realtor must remain unbiased, not choose sides, and communicate effectively to both spouses.

After 20 years as an award winning Realtor, along with my vast hands-on “transactional” experience in real estate, and experiencing my own divorce, I’ve mastered the unique skills & processes required to deal with the [many] obstacles which can arise when selling a matrimonial home in a divorce. As a Certified Negotiator and Certified Divorce Specialist I’m also trained to communicate effectively with differing personalities & emotions that arise during the sale of a matrimonial home in divorce..

My job is to get both spouses the most money, in the shortest amount of time, while ensuring both spouses are treated fairly & equally.

Hiring the right Realtor is just as critical as hiring the right Lawyer or any other professional you might hire! 

When selling a matrimonial home in divorce, you need a Real Estate Divorce Specialist.

My Custom System For Clients Selling a Matrimonial Home In Divorce:

I’ve developed my unique real estate program to address the many unique complications which exist when selling a matrimonial home in divorce.
In addition to the typical knowledge & skills a Realtor must have to sell any home, my divorce sale program addresses:
  • Different laws that apply to the sale of a matrimonial home
  • Different staging requirements
  • Different methods of marketing your property to buyers
  • Different strategies for negotiating
  • Different processes for my office staff when scheduling showings for potential buyers
  • Different ways of communicating with two (2) sellers who might not see eye-to-eye
  • Different ways one spouse might attempt to “sabotage” the sale without the other spouse knowing
  • Ensuring I don’t choose sides, eliminate bias, and ensure both spouses are served equally & fairly
  • Protecting each spouse from being taken advantage of by the other spouse, or being a victim of any wrongdoing.
I provide the following credentials in addition to my extensive hands-on transactional experience:
Divorce & Selling Matrimonial Home

Did You Know:

ALL RealtorS “say” they can sell your house. But if they don’t specialize in the unique obstacles & protocols of selling a matrimonial home in divorce then many things could go wrong – for you!
Your matrimonial home is likely your single largest asset.
Among your highest priorities are your money & finances.
Chances are the largest portion of money you will receive in your divorce settlement will be derived from the sale of your matrimonial home.
Much of my success is attributed to my client-focused approach. I provide a consultative approach rather than a hard-sell approach. I walk my clients through the process and establish trust and rapport, to ensure the best experience and results.
  • I support & educate you through this time of upheaval and change.
  • I help you reduce conflict, overwhelm, & unnecessary disagreements regarding the sale of your matrimonial home.
  • I help you maximize your NET profit.
  • I always remain 100% unbiased & NEVER choose sides.

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Real Estate Divorce Specialist

Hiring a Realtor to sell your home  is the most difficult & confusing professional you’ll hire in your divorce!

Every professional you hire (Divorce Lawyer, Therapist, Divorce Coach, Financial Specialist) will work exclusively for you and ONLY you … NOT you AND your spouse.

The most important [overlooked] fact is when you hire a Realtor to sell your matrimonial home … BOTH sellers are my client.

I owe you both my equal fiduciary duties, understanding, honesty, transparency, equal communication, and lack of bias.

In other words, the Realtor is the ONLY professional who works for BOTH spouses during their divorce.

The #1 reason most spouses can’t agree on a Realtor is that one spouse often thinks the Realtor will “pick sides” with the [other] spouse.

As a Real Estate Divorce Specialist, I can’t and won’t pick sides.  

You don’t want a Realtor who simply hammers a sign on your lawn or only cares about commission.

You need a Realtor who understands what you’re going through.

You need a Realtor who will keep you safe from any wrongdoing that might occur during the listing and sale, and help you navigate the process.

You need a skilled Realtor who will get you as much money as possible for the sale of your home.

You need a Realtor with top-notch people skills, communication skills, & patience.

You need a Real Estate Divorce Specialist who will do everything to make your life easier and less stressful while avoiding costly mistakes.

You need a “Certified Negotiator” who will keep you and your spouse focused on a win-win outcome when selling your home.

Visit my YouTube Channel for helpful videos on selling your matrimonial home in Divorce:

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“Dear Michael, I can’t find the words to properly thank you & express my gratitude for the many ways you helped me through this nightmare. When 2 prior Realtors couldn’t sell my house & my ex-husband did everything to complicate the sale & make my life miserable I honestly lost hope. I couldn’t think straight & everything became so complicated.  Everything seemed to be going wrong. You got my house sold when 2 Realtors before you couldn’t and I still can’t believe how you stepped up to defend me & protect me from being taken advantage of by my unreasonable Ex. As if that wasn’t enough, I can’t believe you were able to buy me time with my bank who was threatening power-of-sale so that you could get the property sold in time. As a single Mom going through Chemo & kids to support my life would not be the same today if it weren’t for you. I’ll never forget everything you did for me and will always tell everyone that you are the best Realtor, Negotiator, and all around most honourable super-amazing guy they could ever work with. Thanks so much!”

G.R., Innisfil, ON.

“Michael, your ability to maintain the peace & keep us both focused on selling the property instead of focusing on our personal differences & the divorce was nothing short of amazing. You never seemed impatient, & you had such a calm, logical, & compassionate way of talking to my ex & getting us through the sale with less stress & in less time than it could have been.  I am very grateful. Thank You!”

D.T. Vaughan, ON.

“Michael, if you ever choose to quit real estate you should be a lawyer. When we first interviewed Realtors we thought we just needed someone who could sell our house. We had no idea how the divorce process effects the sale of a matrimonial home. The way you communicated with my family Lawyer & made sure all of the T’s were crossed & I’s were dotted, and also made sure nobody in this process took advantage of me or made me feel pressured was very impressive. I really appreciate your tireless efforts. You have excellent real estate skills, negotiating skills, but just as important to me was your integrity & compassion every step of the way. You are da’ man!  You need to clone yourself so you can help more people.”

J.W., Mississauga.

“Michael, when we first hired you as our realtor, I was still stressing over the whole divorce process. I didn’t know who to trust, who to call, who to hire, or which end was up. The fact that you didn’t see us as a mere commission and genuinely cared & took the time to help me through the process was an answer to my prayers. You made my life so much easier when you said you would take care of the Stager, photography, & recommend someone who could help us de-clutter, get organized, & fix a few things before listing. The storage facility you suggested was great, and the movers also did a great job and were understanding to our situation. My Ex always handled paying all of the bills, planning, etc. so I was grateful when you recommended a debt consultant & divorce financial advisor to help me get back on my feet and develop my own plan. Heck, I didn’t even know who to call for my insurance until you recommended someone for that too. No surprise that every single person you referred me to showed the same care, compassion, & professionalism that you do. You’re a one-stop source with the professionals you surround yourself with. Stay awesome Mike!”

G.A., Newmarket