You’ve heard about Staging a home & preparing your home for sale. 

Today I share 4 secrets to inspire Buyers to buy your home [during] their visit to see your home. 

#1. Scents:

There are 2 components to the “Scent” category.

Some Realtors and Sellers make the effort to place scented air fresheners or candles throughout the home.

Usually ones that smell like baked apple pie, or garden flowers, or a variety of scents that generally make people happy.

There’s no question that people are more likely to buy your home AND pay more money if they’re happy when they are there.

Just like I’ve said in my various posts about “Staging”, the goal is to make people feel like they’re at home and it’s a happy place for them.

While the first component of “Scents” was about creating a positive scent, the second component is about removing unpleasant scents.

For the record nobody is saying anything bad about the smell of your house – not at all.

But, what’s important to consider her is anything unfamiliar to people or different for people might be a turn-off for them.

Since everybody is different, when it comes to pets, style of cooking, hobbies, etc. you never know what other people might sense or smell when they come into your home that you are just accustomed to.

And since you can’t customize it for every person who comes to see your home, and for that matter you don’t everyone who will come see your home, your goal here is to make sure that your home smells fresh and pleasant to the common masses.

If you have pets then you might not notice but the paint and wooden staircase or broadloom can absorb scents.

While you might not notice or have just become used to it, often buyers coming into an unfamiliar home can recognize those scents right away.

And if they have allergies or don’t have the same affinity for the pets you have it can be a turn-off for them. 

#2. Bright Spaces:

Yes, I said it in my “Staging” posts but I’ll say it again because it’s very important.

When you know there are showings scheduled, before you go out turn on all lights!

Brighter not only makes rooms looks & feel bigger, but it also brightens everyone’s mood and energy.

And, while many Realtors who bring Buyers will turn on the lights, you don’t want to take a chance that some won’t make the effort to turn on lights in every room.

I’ve seen some people take a look at a bedroom for example.

But since it was a bright sunny day and the window blinds were open they didn’t feel the need to turn on the lights.

Even on sunny days, all lights should be turned on.

And here’s another benefit. If we learned anything from Covid-19, it’s that you don’t want everyone who comes into your home touching all your light switches.

You don’t know who they are or where they’ve been.

You don’t want to have to clean or disinfect every light switch in your home every time there are showings. 

#3. Turn on Central Air Conditioning or Heat:

Often when people are selling, especially if they’re not home most of the day, they’ll turn down the heat in the winter, or turn off the A/C in the summer to save costs.

Remember that you want buyers to feel comfortable in your home. When they come to see your home you want them to feel at ease. You want them to feel … well .. like they’re at home.

And like I said earlier, you want them to feel HAPPY inside. Like they want to stay.

What you don’t want is for them to rush through the home, bypassing the many key selling features, just to get outside and talk with their Realtor on the driveway.

You want them to stay inside and picture themselves living there while they chat. 

#4. Open The Drapes & Blinds:

Again, this may or may not seem obvious to some. 

Maybe you have very elegant & expensive window coverings you want to display?

Maybe you believe that turning on all the lights will make everything as bright as can be?

But people feel more comfortable in open spaces. 

People pay more for larger spaces. 

Whether you have a condo apartment, a 1,200 sq. ft. townhouse or a 6,000 sq. ft. home, a room with blinds or drapes that are closed can make people feel confined. 

Even if they aren’t claustrophobic it can make the space feel much tighter and smaller than it really is. 

Unless you have a linked townhouse, and your side window looks directly at your neighbours’ brick wall, which is 4 feet away, and your neighbour has pile all their junk between the houses, and it’s just plain ugly, you should open your blinds and drapes.

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