Have you ever had to hire someone to provide services for you?

Maybe a Realtor, or Lawyer, or Accountant, someone to build your fence or deck, a contractor to do renovations in your home, or painter to paint  some rooms in your house?

Chances are you do one of three things:

Either you;

  1. Ask your friends if they know someone, or
  2. You Google and search for providers in your area, or
  3. You hire someone who has the most ads, postcards, or signs in your area. 

If you’ve asked friends for a referral, or posted on Facebook asking if anyone knows a good Realtor you probably got lots of suggestions. 

The first mistake (but still not the biggest mistake) is assuming someone will do a good job & be a good fit for you, just because someone you know recommended them. 

Specifically, the first mistake (but still not the biggest mistake) I see people make time and time again, when they get a bunch of suggested names is, NOT asking the person who’s giving you those names, WHY they recommend them. 

WHY do you think they’re the best?
WHAT is so good about them?
WHAT did they do that really impressed you?

Experience shows that many of friends will give you a name, simply because they want to throw a name in the hat.
But they’ve never actually worked with that service provider. 

They’re just doing their good deed to try and help.  

But there’s no justification that the name they provided you with is the person you should hire. 

And let’s face it. Sometimes people will throw a name in the hat because it’s a spouse or relative and they just want them to get the business. 

Again, nothing wrong with supporting your loved ones. 

But as the person searching for a trusted & qualified professional you have to really know WHY you should consider their recommendations. 

Specifically you can’t just hire someone on another person’s recommendation.  You still have to interview the person you might hire. 

Most people aren’t actually trained on how to interview & hire a professional who’s the right fit for you. 

In fact, I actually wrote a book called “Choose Your Realtor Carefully”. 

I didn’t write it for sales & revenue. I wrote it to help people avoid huge costly mistakes. 

In fact if you want a FREE copy I’d be happy to send you one.

I share 18 strategies interview questions you should ask Realtors when you interview them, along with good & bad answers to those questions. 

But now – totally separate from interview questions you might ask (or shall I say in addition to those questions)

I’m going to share the #1 BIGGEST MISTAKE people make when hiring a Realtor. 

Are you ready for this? Wait for it!!! You won’t believe me when I say it!!!! It seems so logical but hardly anyone does it!!!!

It’s …. asking for and then talking to past client references!!!!

Every Realtor will share all of their glowing testimonials. They’ll include it in their package when they meet with you. 

They’ll have a dedicated page on their website for testimonials. 

But would you be embarrassed to ask them for the name & contact info of their past clients you could call to talk to?  

Would you actually call?

Remember, it’s easy to find out a Realtors credentials, qualifications, awards, marketing plans, etc. 

But how do past clients really feel about the work they did?

Maybe you wouldn’t call references because you’re embarrassed?

Or it’s simply because you don’t know what you’d ask or say?

It’s really quite simple. 

Hi [so&so] my name is Michael and I’m thinking of selling my home.
I noticed you worked with [so&so Realtor] when you sold your home. 

I always value and respect hearing from people like you who’ve actually worked with someone. 

I was just wondering .. 

  1. WOULD you hire him/her again? 
  2. WHAT did you really like about them or what impressed you about them?
  3. Was there anything you wish they did better or differently?

While it’s easy to verify a Realtor’s credentials, qualifications, awards, marketing plans, etc, asking these questions of a past client will give you an accurate idea of what they’re like to work with.

If their style is a good fit for you. 

Their credentials might suggest if you’ll be happy with the RESULT. 

But their personal style and personal fit working with you will ultimately determine if you’ll be happy with the ENTIRE PROCESS & PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!

If you want to know more about hiring the right Realtor for you I’m always happy to chat.