Relocating to a new large and diverse city like Toronto can be daunting. There are so many variables to deal with.

Michael Shuster can put you at complete ease with his expertise and industry leading level of service when it comes to moving to Toronto.

Whether short-term or long-term living, choosing an area that suits your lifestyle and specific interests and requirements are all Michael’s specialty. Michael knows the Greater Toronto Area like the back of his hand.

Whether you need:

  • a spacious home to accommodate your growing family
  • a smaller home as you become an empty-nester
  • a condo that reflects your current lifestyle
  • an area close to good schools and family activities
  • to be near the marina/beaches
  • or to be near the downtown city life & attractions

Michael is a real estate specialist & relocation specialist in Toronto who understands all facets of Toronto’s dynamic real estate market. Michael provides the best strategies & highest level of service to help you find the perfect place if you’re moving to Toronto.


Every single Pro Athlete in every major sport will need to buy or lease real estate at some time their career due to relocation, if not multiple times. Toronto relocation specialist Michael Shuster and his team of Toronto Real Estate Specialists have developed a flawless process for professional athletes and their families to complement their team of professional advisors.
Experience gives Michael in-depth knowledge of the unique requirements. Michael knows:
• that proximity to stadiums, arenas, and training facilities is critical
• that the airport must be easily accessible
• how to take care of the packing and the moving and everything from A to Z during the transition
• families prefer to live close to the families of other professional athletes as they support one another when the teams are on the road
• how to make the move a smooth and exciting experience
• that discretion & confidentiality are a top priority
Most Toronto Real Estate Agents are not experienced with the tight deadlines & unique requirements that Professional Athletes are often faced with. Being able to respond quickly, along with his level of integrity, professionalism, and high skill set has set Michael Shuster apart from other luxury real estate agents in Toronto.


Relocating to an entirely different city and uprooting one’s home, work, and family can be an exciting yet daunting change.  Michael makes sure these types of moves are fully supported with local expertise, personal care, and the highest level of integrity & confidentiality.  He makes sure that clients do not have to worry about:

  • finding a home in Toronto and area orientation
  • solutions for settling-in to your new home and community
  • assistance with short-term or long-term housing
  • purchasing or leasing negotiations
  • packing, moving, school selection
  • and everything else to manage an easy transition when relocating to Toronto

Toronto Relocation Specialist Michael Shuster does all this by coordinating and providing a range of solutions with the utmost professionalism & integrity, to exceed all of your relocation needs when moving to Toronto.


Clients need somewhere to live in Toronto for their upcoming film/theater work.  Michael’s vast experience working with Toronto’s most elite & distinguished clients ensures every client he works with has the best experience possible, along with the utmost discretion & confidentiality. Michael provides:

  • short-term or long-term luxury accommodation services
  • privacy, discretion, convenience, and safety
  • proximity to whatever his clients desire (schools, biking/running trails, beaches, marina, etc.)

When actors & celebrities come to Toronto with the anticipation of working here for a year or longer, they often choose to lease or purchase suitable accommodations for the duration they’ll be working here in Toronto.

Michael Shuster has the experience, integrity & expertise to advise the entertainment industry’s most distinguished clients, on the most ideal areas of Toronto for clients to call home if they want luxury, comfort & safety.  Michael ensures that every client has the best experience possible along with the utmost discretion & confidentiality.