Ever wondered what happens when you have your home listed for sale and your agent calls because a potential buyer just saw your sign and wants to come in to see the home in 15 or 30 minutes? 

I’m the first to admit that selling your home isn’t always easy. 

It takes days, weeks, or even months for some people to fix, repair, declutter, stage, and prepare their home before it’s ready to be listed for sale. 

It’s very tempting to kick your feet up and relax after all of that hard work. 

Many Sellers make the mistake of thinking they will always have 24 hours notice before a Buyer will make an appointment to view their home. 

It’s not uncommon for Buyers to be driving in your area with their Realtor and see your For Sale sign. 

Their Realtor will call to make an appointment on the spot. 

Even if it’s not on the spot, most often Realtors will book appointments only an hour or two in advance. 

When that happens you have to panic to clean the dirty dishes in the sink, fold all the blankets, clean the mess on the washroom sinks, put the shoes & boots, away, etc. 

When you list your home for sale you have to treat your home as if it were the showroom of a builder. 

You never know if a potential Buyer will want to come in at any time. 

The good news is if you’re hired a kick-ass Realtor who works very hard to market your property, you’ve prepared and staged your property well, and your property is priced strategically, you should only have to keep the home in showroom condition for a few days instead of a few weeks or months. 

So remember … just because you don’t have any showings booked today doesn’t mean there won’t be any. 

And it doesn’t mean there won’t be very short notice or no notice at all if you have sign out front. 

One quick phone call from a Buyer to your Agent and they can ask for a showing within minutes. 

And while you do have the right to refuse the showing or ask to reschedule, if you do that there is always the chance they won’t reschedule or will end up buying something else in the area that evening. 

What if they would have bought your home but didn’t get to see it before another home won them over?

Always keep your home in showroom condition and ready for a showing at any time. 

And with a really good agent you should only have to do this for a short period of time before your home is sold. 

If you want to know more about the process of selling your home I’m always happy to chat.