Have you ever thought to yourself that late spring or fall is the best time to sell?

Or more specifically, have you ever thought winter is a terrible time to sell?

Obviously those of us full-time Realtors don’t just work 2 or 3 months a year. We work through the winter and we do sell. 

So I’m going to give you some key reasons why winter might be the best time to sell … that you might not have thought of. 

1. Good Ol’ Supply & Demand. 

Everyone else is thinking the same as you. 

So … if you’re the only home for sale at the time there are two key benefits to consider:

(a) you have no competition. Buyer’s aren’t looking or considering another home instead of yours … which leads me to (b), 

When someone wants your home (or if you’re lucky more than one person) and they have no other choices then YOU are in control. 

As a Certified Negotiator I can tell you that you are in the driver seat of that negotiation. 

No low-ball offers. And when you do get an offer, a good negotiator can usually get even more for the sale than if you had competition. 

2. Winter brings out SERIOUS buyers. 

Consider this. If everyone else is thinking about holidays in December, turkey, travel, visiting with family or they are heading on vacation to visit family (or enjoy some sunshine and good ole Vitamin D with a view of palm trees. 

If there’s a buyer who wants to see your home and make an offer instead of the alternatives I just mentioned, they are motivated to buy. 

In other words … THEY HAVE TO BUY. So they’ll pay top dollar!

3. Year-end bonuses and payouts.

You know how tempting it is to spend some money, and treat yourself after working so hard all year long. 

When you have to wait until the end of the year for that bonus … do you really want to put it away and save it?

Well many people wait for the bonus, and then decide it’s time to move. 

Not only treating themselves to a home they’ll love, but now they can put more money down as a down-payment. 

So, while interest rates might be low, and down-payment is higher, then Buyers can buy more house for the money. 

4. Winter months also seems to be higher months for corporate relocations. 

Over the years I’ve had many clients hire me to find them a home in the GTA or Suburbs, because in the fall, and leading to holiday season their companies did some restructuring, promoting, etc.  So winter has been busy for Buyers.  That means, again, more demand  & less supply = more money for your sale!

If you are thinking of moving and want to discuss strategy and market timing I’m ALWAYS happy to talk real estate. And ALWAYS happy to help.