I’ve spoken many times about Staging your home before you list your home for sale. 

If you want to know more about what Staging is or the benefits Staging your home please check out my video post called: “What’s The Point of Staging When Listing For Sale?

If you want to know some secrets to staging your home yourself before you list see my video post called: “Top 10 Staging Fixes You Can Do Yourself

Today I want to share a secret about staging closets and things to consider when people look at your closets. 

And by the way, I’m referring to ALL closets in your house or condo; walk-in closets, linen closets, front hall closets, etc.

Believe it or not how your closets are displayed can help or hurt the sale of your home.

Buyers will look inside your closets and if they appear to be bursting at the seams with your items, it will be an instant turn-off. 

Lack of sufficient storage can break a home sale quickly. 

Even if your closets are big in reality, the wrong presentation of them can have buyers thinking otherwise.

When Buyers see FULL closets subconsciously (or consciously) they feel like there is no space if they to add items if they buy something new. 

It also conveys the impression that the ‘living space’ is tight and possibly too small for their comfort.

My advice is you’re going to have to move anyway. 

So why not start packing up seasonal clothes or clothes you don’t need for the next few months and pack it. 

As for displaying your hanging clothes, now that the hanging rod is half-full instead of full, have your clothing pushed to one side so that it looks neat yet there is still lots of space to add items.

Here are some more great closet staging tips to consider:

1- Replace clear bins with solid or opaque bins.

Clear bins are great for YOU because you can see what’s inside them without having to take out the whole pile to look inside each bin.

But that’s the same reason they are bad for staging purposes.

Being able to see everything inside creates a cluttered & packed tight appearance that can make buyers feel the space is cramped or there isn’t enough space. 

Invest in some inexpensive boxes that are white or a clean & light colour.

2- Make Sure Hangers Match.

Maybe you have some wooden hangers, with some plastic hangers, with some … you get the idea. 

Mismatched hangers create a disorganized look which in turn can make some people who like to stay organized feel anxious. 

No they aren’t moving in with you and everyone doesn’t have to think & feel & live the same way you do. 

But you want Buyers to feel at ease when viewing your home. You want them to feel excited. You don’t want anything to get in the way of that. 

By sticking to one type of hanger you create a cohesive look and feel in your closet. 

Wood hangers have the most upscale look and aren’t necessarily expensive. You can get them at Ikea, Walmart or even the Dollarama. 

3- Keep Floors As Clear As Possible.

Anything on the floor of your closet should be packed away or stored in boxes that can go on the shelves. 

You can get a nice shoe organizer that you can hang right on your current shelving or get some solid colour boxes like I mentioned earlier to store your shoes in. You can stack them on the shelf.

4- Organize Clothes by Colour.

Remember that staging is effectively part of marketing your home. 

When you walk by an upscale store front window do you see a portable clothing rack with a mish-mush of different coloured items in contrast?  How would that make you feel?  What would your impression be?

But when you look at the towel section at Bed, Bath & Beyond are all the towels neatly folded and stacked tight according to colour?

When you look in the bedding section at The Bay are all items carefully folded and neatly displayed according to colour scheme? 

You can easily shift around the order of your clothes so that they are organized by colour. 

You can also organize them by style. For example: In the blue section, start with tank tops, then short sleeves, then long sleeves. 

It will give your closet a much more cohesive and organized look and it doesn’t cost you anything.

And finally here’s another great tip for you. 

If you don’t have custom or built in shelves (ie. just a long rod the builder installed) you can get hanging shelves made of canvas for very little cost. 

Ikea or Walmart are great for finding these. 

And Remember, don’t stuff as many sweaters as you can in them either. A stack of three is just fine!

If you are thinking of selling your  home and want to talk more about how to stage it, get ready for selling in the near future & how to do it safely & smoothly I’m always happy to chat.