Have you ever worried about potential Buyers coming to see your house or condo and possibly stealing something?

Any good Realtor will advise you that when you list your home for sale you should not be home when Buyers come to see your property. 

There are many reasons for this but most importantly it increases the chances they’ll feel comfortable and take the time to fall in love with your property. 

But many Sellers are afraid that Buyers (strangers) might steal something during their visits. 

This is why some Sellers like to stay home when Buyers come.

And as I just explained this can turn buyers away from appreciating all your property has to offer and ultimately cost you an offer.

But fear not because there are ways to protect yourself from theft and not have to worry about it.

The first thing I always remind my Sellers is that a stranger can’t come into your home without a licensed Realtor. 

Most often they have a “Buyer’s Agent”. 

If you want to know more about what a Buyer’s Agent is check out my video post calledDo You [Need] An Agent To BUY Homes?

But if they haven’t chosen a Buyer’s Agent to work with yet, then the would-be Buyer will call the Listing Agent (your Agent) to inquire about the home and book a visit. 

So either the Buyer’s Agent or your Agent would have to let them into the home, show them the home, then leave with them and lock up. 

Realtors are responsible for accompanying the Buyer’s throughout their entire visit. 

A licensed Realtor would never sit back and watch a client or potential buyer walk out of your home with something that belongs to you or they could lose their real estate license. 

And that can cost them their career, not to mention other charges & fines. 

So let’s just say it’s highly unlikely someone will walk out of your home with your big valuables. 

But then there are your small valuables. 

Jewellery, collectables, heirlooms, cameras, cell phones, and other things that someone could potentially slip into their pocket or purse without their own Realtor even noticing. 

Well the solution to that is simple. 

I always advise my clients that prepping your home for listing and showings is like a builder opening up a showroom. 

Not just big, bright, pretty, and staged. 

But you don’t see the iPad on the counter, or your favourite watch on the nightstand. 

I always recommend my clients put away their valuables. 

If you have a little safe then that’s the obvious choice. 

Or if you have a home office you might have a filing cabinet with a lock on it. 

First of all, out of sight out of mind goes a long way. 

People won’t go through your drawers.

If your filing cabinet has a lock then that should be sufficient. 

And if you don’t have a safe or filing cabinet (or something with a lock) you can ask a good friend or relative if you can leave some things with them for safe keeping. 

Or you could ask your bank about renting a safety deposit box for a month or two.

Even if you don’t want buyers to see or know what you have, you can put it all in a bankers box, and tape it up securely. 

Ask them to store the banker’s box in their home somewhere safe and out of sight. 

If you want more ideas on listing your home and making the sale of your home a great experience I’m always happy to chat.