Many  home buyers & even current  home  owners  ask me what the heck is TITLE  INSURANCE ?

What does Title Insurance cover and why is it so important?

Title Insurance ensures and protects current buyers or current owners against losses caused by existing defects in the Title or ownership of a property.

Hidden Title issues or Title defects can be discovered after a buyer completes a purchase of a property.

These issues can even arise years after the purchase date.

Title Insurance providers compensate owners for financial losses you might incur as a result of existing Title defects.

Here are some examples of potential property TITLE “defects”:

1. Existing liens:
Previous owners might have had unpaid debts from utilities, mortgages, property taxes, condo maintenance fees, and things like that.

2. Encroachment issues:
These can be issues such as boundary (or  property line) disputes with your neighbours.

3. Errors In Property Surveys:
Issues such as the lack of one’s right of access to and from the land or even issues such as the amount of land.

4. Building & Zoning Compliance:
An example might be if a previous owner of your home left open permits or deficiencies which must be corrected before the purchase   date.

Another example is the present use of property which might not be permitted according to local zoning  bylaws.

These are just some examples of how Title Insurance can protect you from legal issues and/or financial loss.

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