#4. Thinking About The Future Of The View:

If you’re buying an older condo in an already developed are than this point might have slightly less relevance.

In this type of scenario what you see is what you get (more or less).

But when you’re buying newer condos (even if not pre-construction and they’re resale) there are always plans for more and more developers to try and get approval to build on every square inch of land.

Now if you’re building is on the south side of Queen’s Quay West and you have a southern exposure then it’s quite unlikely there will be future builds on the water.

But if you’re on the north side of the Gardiner Expwy. and you have a nice view where you’re not necessarily staring into the building a stone’s throw beside you, then consider looking into a building can be built in the future to block your view.

Not just for your own quality of living but also in consideration of future resale value.

Obviously the view will play a part in how quickly and for how much money your condo will sell for in the future.

The other aspect of the view is the amount of light.

Obviously depending on which direction your unit face will determine whether you have early morning sun and dark evenings, or dark mornings but bright sunsets.

Or sun most of the day or less natural light most of the day.

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