Do you think you only need STAGING or a STAGER if you’re selling a vacant/empty home?

Is Staging just for old or outdated or non-trendy homes?

Many Realtors talk about Staging.

But if you have a newer or modern home or you’ve invested lots of money in up-scale decor, can Staging  really help you sell faster or get more money for your  home?

Some people are confused about what staging means, what it entails, and the benefits of staging.

Staging a home is in essence preparing your property to be presented in the best possible way and in the most appealing way for potential buyers when they come to see it.

Staging is an industry and a profession all its own.

Any really good Realtor will have their own professional “Stagers” who they recommend to their clients.

Yes, if a home is new, up-to-date & modern, “Staging” can still be extremely valuable even if as simple as removing personal pictures & strategically repositioning some of your nice furniture.

Some still think“staging“ is only necessary if a house or condo is vacant and there is no furniture or decor whatsoever.

“Staging“ a vacant property is critical to selling it for the most money possible.

But it’s NOT the only use for good “Staging“.

Of course other people think “Staging” is just another word for hiring a decorator, which is also not true.

Although your house might be elegant, modern, and appealing to you and it might suit your tastes,
Professional “Stagers” know the current trends which are most appealing in the eyes and opinions of current buyers who  might  consider  buying  your  home.

It doesn’t matter whether you like the way your home is decorated, or even if I like the way your home is currently decorated.

You and I might love it.

What is most important is knowing what is of the most interest to a potential buyer so that they will want to pay top dollar for your home.

In fact that is one key difference between a Professional Stager vs. Decorator.

A Decorator focuses on your tastes and creating a living space that appeals to you.

A Stager focuses on creating a living space and current trends that appeal to current potential buyers in your area.

Another thing that Stagers are trained to do is create an emotion.

Emotions are the root of every decision that everybody makes when they buy anything.

When people make a decision to buy something or anything at all, whether it is electronically or fashion or real estate, 50% of the decision is analytical and 50% is emotional.

In fact research shows that emotion has actually become much higher of an influence than the analytical factors.

Have you ever walked into an Electronics store to get a small item and you can’t justify spending $1000 on a new TV that you simply don’t need at the moment?

But when you see the section of TV displays there is one big beautiful TV that catches your eye and jumped right out at you and you just love the picture.

And you end up buying it?

Or, have you ever gone to walk around the mall and said you were just going to look around?

But then you see a great top or some really nice pants, or a fabulous dress, or stunning shoes in the window so you try them on?

And when you look at yourself in the mirror you love how it looks on you so you buy it!

That is emotion making you want it.

Even though analytically you decided you weren’t going to spend money today or buy something like that.

So when Stagers are trained to use your own furniture but reposition it or re-purpose certain furniture in different rooms, they’re creating an emotion for potential buyers.

When someone comes to see your home you want them to feel warm and fuzzy, and feel like they’re already at home.

You want them to start picturing them selves and their own furniture and their family members and their pets already living there, which gives them that feeling and emotion as if they are already home.

Staging can also be a strategic part of making certain rooms feel more open or larger or brighter and therefore more inviting.

So if someone is looking at two or three or more properties of the same size, but in your home the principal room feel bigger, brighter, more inviting, and more comfortable than the other properties, that could be a key deciding factor for buyers to choose which home they want to buy or make an offer on.

Especially if you consider that a buyer might look at three, four, or five properties at the same time, and they all might be similar sizes with similar features.

But when they get home and they discuss what they saw, they will remember your property and remember how they felt, and remember what they envisioned in your home, which is ultimately that it’s like home for them.

If they really want your property and they see themselves living there, as your Realtor and a trained negotiator myself, I can leverage that emotion to motivate them to want to pay you top dollar for your home.

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