The weather is still mild enough to get things done outside comfortably. 

Although we live in four seasons, our houses really have two seasons. 

We are approaching the damp & cold winter.

Just because there were no problems last winter doesn’t mean there won’t be any coming up this winter.

Some preventive maintenance can help you avoid costly problems and headaches:

  1. Property Foundation – Ensure water isn’t forming a puddle around the basement walls of the home. If it is, try adding some soil to create a downward slope away from the house.
  2. Driveways & Patios – If you have cracks or dips fill them in with a filler so that water doesn’t seep in and freeze. The freeze and thaw process will cause more widening damage in the spring.
  3. Backyards – Double check that the gate closes properly and the latch holds so that you don’t hear banging from the wind.
  4. Caulk & Weather Seal – Check for leaks & cracks in the caulking and seals where a cold draft, water, or little pests could get in to your home through.
  5. Attic – Consider adding insulation. This not only keeps the home warm, but keeps the roof cold so that snow doesn’t melt rapidly and clog the eaves or freeze in the eaves.
  6. Downspouts – Ensure the downspouts from the eaves are guiding water away from the house and foundation.

I hope these suggestions help.  If you have other questions about home care & maintenance I’m always happy to answer questions & help.