Maybe you’ll only move a few of times in your life. 

Today I’m going to share some great tips for hiring a professional, reliable, and great moving company that has integrity and the right fit for you. 

Just like hiring anyone else, you’ll want to interview a few of them and get a few quotes to compare.

Remember, it’s not just about price. 

The better price isn’t always the better choice. 

Often you get what you pay for from any service provider. 

#1. Check Their Website.  

A reputable company should have an informative and professionally designed website where you can get lots of information about them.

They should tell you about their services and hopefully share some testimonials.  

Scroll through, click on different pages and check out their photos.

#2. Check Their Reviews. is a great review sites because it’s impossible for a company to add, alter or remove any reviews.  

You can also check if they have a Google review or a Facebook profile.

See if they have any reviews, comments from clients, or feedback there. 

TIP: Look at how far back those reviews go. 

This will give you an indication of how long the company has been around.

You also don’t care as much about testimonials that haven’t been updated for 5 years if there’s nothing current.

#3. Ask Friends and Family.  

You probably know someone who has moved or used a mover in the recent past.  

Another TIP: Don’t just ask friends & family for a name. 

Everyone loves to throw a name in the hat. 

Ask them specific questions, such as: 

  • How was their experience with the provider they are recommending?   
  • What did you really like about them?
  • Was there anything you wish they did differently?

So now you have 2 or 3 candidates to interview. 

#4. Get a Quote. 

Make sure you get a few quotes to compare prices.  

An in home estimate is the most accurate way of getting a moving quote. 

Most quotes will be within 10-20 percent of each other.  

This is your chance to interview your mover.  

Ask all your questions and make sure you get satisfactory answers.  

Remember, don’t pick the lowest quote.  

Use the company that you feel will best serve your needs and you feel comfortable with.

Point out anything you may be concerned about and ask how they handle it.  

  • Do they offer packing services?  
  • Can they help get rid of items you don’t want to move?  

Make sure you get answers you’re completely happy with. 

You should truly feel comfortable with the person in your home, and not like you’ve just been sold something.

TIP: Ask if they’re insured?  Ask to see proof or a Certificate of Insurance (COI).  

This is the first sign you’re dealing with a professional company.  

Everyone will say, “We are insured”.  You NEED to see that certificate.

Ask for recent references.  Ask to speak to people who have a similar scale move to yours.  

Talking about checking references reminds me of a previous video I shared called:

Biggest Mistake People Make Hiring/Interviewing a Realtor To Sell Their Home

The tips in that video don’t just apply to hiring a Realtor. 

They apply to hiring any professional … including professional movers. 

Just because a company moved a 1 bedroom apartment successfully doesn’t mean they will be the right fit for your 5 bedroom home. 

Select the mover you think you want to go with and call their references first.  

This will save some time calling references for a company you’re not likely to use anyways.

#5. And finally, I have to point out the obvious. 

If you don’t have the time or patience to go through the full interview process I’ve outlined here today, then the most obvious next step would be to call ME. 

Given my many years as a full-time award-winning Realtor, I’ve seen hundreds & hundreds of moves. 

I know most of the local movers and I can tell you who’s great, who’s not so great, and of course … why. 

I can recommend a mover and tell you why I think they’d be the best fit for you.

If you want to know more about choosing the best movers or moving company getting your home ready to sell, or the process of buying or selling a home, I’m always happy to chat.